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Periodical refresh of expired entries

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Problem Statement

Large deployments may suffer from latency when refreshing a big number of expired entries, for instance during logins that involve refreshing netgroups.

Overview of the solution

We will create a back end task, that will periodically search and update all expired NSS entries. The periodic task it self is provider independent and it leverage new periodic tasks API. The task will fetch all expired entries and invoke a provider specific callback to update those entries.

Implementation details

typedef struct tevent_req *
(*nss_refresh_records_send_t)(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx,
                                struct be_ctx *be_ctx,
                                const char **dn,
                                void *pvt);

typedef errno_t
(*nss_refresh_records_recv_t)(struct tevent_req *req);

struct nss_refresh_records_cb {
    bool enabled;
    nss_refresh_records_send_t send;
    nss_refresh_records_recv_t recv;
    void *pvt;

enum nss_refresh_type {
    ... for all NSS objects


struct nss_refresh_records_ctx {
    struct nss_refresh_records_cb callbacks[NSS_REFRESH_TYPE_SENTINEL];

struct nss_refresh_records_init();

nss_refresh_records_add_cb(struct nss_refresh_records_ctx *ctx,
                            enum nss_refresh_type type,
                            nss_refresh_records_send_t send,
                            nss_refresh_records_recv_t recv,
                            void *pvt);

struct tevent_req *
nss_refresh_records_send(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx,
                            struct be_ctx *be_ctx,
                            void *pvt /* struct nss_refresh_records_ctx */

nss_refresh_records_recv(struct tevent_req *req);

A new nss_refresh_records_ctx is created during back end start up and it is made a member of be_ctx. Every ID provider can install an update function during its initialization via nss_refresh_records_add_cb(). Every callback can be installed only once. After all providers are initialized, back end creates a new periodic task for refreshing NSS expired entries.

nss_refresh_records_send() will go through the callback list. When a callback is enabled it will acquire a list of all expired entries distinguish names and call the provider-specific request to refresh them.


Pavel Březina <>