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SUDO integration

Cache format of SUDO rules

We have decided to use the current schema used by SUDO. The schema is described here.

The reason is that Sudo can only understand the native schema anyway. We will have to do a conversion when we implement support for the IPA sudo schema down the road, but it’s simply not needed now.

All rules are store under cn=sudorules,cn=custom,cn=$domain,cn=sysdb subtree.

Communication protocols

SUDO -\Responder

SUDO calls SSS_SUDO_GET_SUDORULES command, providing a user name of the requesting user. :


Responder -\SUDO

Sends all sudo rules entries that contains keyword ALL or matches requested user name, his groups or netgroups. :

<ruleN= <num_attrs(uint32_t)><attr1><attr2>...
<attrN= <name(char*)><num_values(uint32_t)><value1(char*)><value2(char*)>...

All strings are terminated with zero character.

If <error_code\signals an error (i.e. it does not equal to SSS_SUDO_ERROR_OK), the remaining fields are omitted.