Introduction to Kerberos Integration

The Kerberos Protocol is a commonly used network authentication protocol to secure logins and communication between linux services. SSSD on Linux clients can be configured to authenticate against Kerberos servers (or KDCs), allowing kerberos communication to be handled by SSSD and providing Kerberos tickets to the user or service at login.

SSSD is often used as a client to communicate with Red Hat MIT Kerberos KDC, FreeIPA or the built-in Windows Active Directory KDC. Features of the SSSD KRB5 provider include*

  • Automatic renewal of tickets

  • Ticket lifetime configurable options

  • FAST support

  • Map User

  • Backup KDC server support


Client side support for features is dependent on Kerberos server side support.

To read more about how SSSD is used in Kerberos integration at a high level, refer to the following links:

Or on the terminal to read about SSSD’s Kerberos provider

$ man sssd-krb5

Setting up a Red Hat Kerberos Server has its own documentation: