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SSSD 1.13.3


  • A bug that prevented user lookups and logins after migration from winsync to IPA-AD trusts was fixed
  • The OCSP certificate validation checks are enabled for smartcard logins if SSSD was compiled with the NSS crypto library.
  • A bug that prevented the ignore_group_members option from working correctly in AD provider setups that use a dedicated primary group (as opposed to a user-private group) was fixed
  • Offline detection and offline login timeouts were improved for AD users logging in from a domain trusted by an IPA server
  • The AD provider supports setting up autofs_provider=ad
  • Several usability improvements to our debug messages

Packaging Changes

  • The p11_child helper binary is able to run completely unprivileged and no longer requires the setgid bit to be set

Documentation Changes

  • A new option certificate_verification was added. This option allows the administrator to disable OCSP checks in case the OCSP server is not reachable

Tickets Fixed

  • #2674 [RFE] Unable to use AD provider for automount lookups
  • #2985 convert sudo timer to be_ptask
  • #3713 sudo: reload hostinfo when going online
  • #3773 Add Integration tests for local views feature
  • #3788 get_object_from_cache() does not handle services
  • #3796 Review p11_child hardening
  • #3828 We should mention SSS_NSS_USE_MEMCACHE in man sssd.conf(5) as well
  • #3837 fix man page for sssd-ldap
  • #3842 Check next certificate on smart card if first is not valid
  • #3853 Smartcard login when certificate on the card is revoked and ocsp check enabled is not supported
  • #3871 Try to suppress “Could not parse domain SID from [(null)]” for IPA users
  • #3887 Inform about SSSD PAC timeout better
  • #3909 AD provider and ignore_group_members=True might cause flaky group memberships
  • #3915 sssd: [sysdb_add_user] (0x0400): Error: 17 (File exists)

Detailed Changelog

Dan Lavu (1):

  • Clarify that subdomains always use service discovery

Jakub Hrozek (7):

  • Upgrading the version for the 1.13.3 release
  • DP: Do not confuse static analysers with dead code
  • BUILD: Only install polkit rules if the directory is available
  • IPA: Use search timeout, not enum timeout for searching overrides
  • AD: Add autofs provider
  • MAN: Clarify when should TGs be disabled for group nesting restriction
  • Update translations for the 1.13.3 release

Lukas Slebodnik (2):

  • sbus_codegen_tests: Use portable definition of large constants
  • DEBUG: Add missing new lines

Michal Židek (1):

  • MAN: sssd.conf should mention SSS_NSS_USE_MEMCACHE

Pavel Březina (22):

  • SYSDB: Add missing include to sysdb_services.h
  • LDAP: Mark globals in ldap_opts.h as extern
  • AD: Mark globals in ad_opts.h as extern
  • IPA: Mark globals in ipa_opts.h as extern
  • KRB5: Mark globals in krb5_opts.h as extern
  • SUDO: convert periodical refreshes to be_ptask
  • SUDO: move refreshes from sdap_sudo.c to sdap_sudo_refresh.c
  • SUDO: move offline check to handler
  • SUDO: simplify error handling
  • SUDO: fix sdap_id_op logic
  • SUDO: fix tevent style
  • SUDO: fix sdap_sudo_smart_refresh_recv()
  • SUDO: sdap_sudo_load_sudoers improve iterator
  • SUDO: set USN inside sdap_sudo_refresh request
  • SUDO: built host filter inside sdap_sudo_refresh request
  • SUDO: do not imitate full refresh if usn is unknown in smart refresh
  • SUDO: fix potential memory leak in sdap_sudo_init
  • SUDO: obtain host information when going online
  • SUDO: remove finalizer
  • SUDO: make sdap_sudo_handler static
  • SUDO: use size_t instead of int in for cycles
  • SUDO: get srv_opts after we are connected

Pavel Reichl (1):

  • sysdb-tests: Fix warning - incompatible pointer type

Petr Cech (2):

  • IPA_PROVIDER: Explicit no handle of services
  • KRB5_CHILD: Debug logs for PAC timeout

Sumit Bose (7):

  • IPA: fix override with the same name
  • p11: allow p11_child to run completely unprivileged
  • p11: check if cert is valid before selecting it
  • p11: enable ocsp checks
  • ldap: skip sdap_save_grpmem() if ignore_group_members is set
  • initgr: only search for primary group if it is not already cached
  • LDAP: check early for missing SID in mapping check