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SSSD 2.4.2 Release Notes


General information

  • Default value of ‘user’ config option was fixed into accordance with man page, i.e. default is ‘root’
  • Example systemd service configs now makes use of CapabilityBoundingSet option as a security hardening measure.

New features

  • pam_sss_gss now support authentication indicators to further harden the authentication

Configuration changes

  • Added pam_gssapi_indicators_map to configure authentication indicators requirements

Tickets Fixed

  • #5385 - Fedora rawhide mock build is broken
  • #5406 - sssd-kcm starts successfully for non existent socket_path
  • #5482 - Add support to verify authentication indicators in pam_sss_gss
  • #5499 - [pam_sss] AD users cannot login to IPA clients

Detailed changelog

  • Alexander Bokovoy (1):
    • pam_sss_gss: support authentication indicators
  • Alexey Tikhonov (6):
    • BUILD: fixes gpo_child linking issue
    • SPEC: don’t hard require python3-sssdconfig in a meta package
    • spec file: don’t enable implicit files domain on RHEL
    • systemd configs: limit process capabilities
    • monitor: fixed default value of ‘user’ config option
    • systemd configs: add CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE in case certain case
  • Pavel Březina (7):
    • scripts: change release tag from sssd-x_y_z to x.y.z
    • Update version in version.m4 to track the next release
    • sudo: do not search by low usn value to improve performance
    • ldap: fix modifytimestamp debugging leftovers
    • spec: remove setuid bit from child helpers if sssd user is root
    • responder: fix warning in activate_unix_sockets
    • pot: update pot files
  • Stanislav Levin (1):
    • pam_sss: Don’t fail on deskprofiles phase for AD users
  • ikerexxe (1):
    • RESPONDER: check that configured sockets match