SSSD 2.5.2 Release Notes

  • originalADgidNumber attribute in the SSSD cache is now indexed

  • Debug messages in data provider include a unique request ID that can be used to track the request from its start to its end (requires libtevent >= 0.11.0)

  • Update large files in the files provider in batches to avoid timeouts

  • Add new config option fallback_to_nss

  • #4255 - sssd still showing ipa user after removed from last group

  • #5430 - Missing search index for originalADgidNumber

  • #5557 - files_provider: long “blocking” sf_enum_files() can overrun internal WD timeouts and trigger process restart

  • #5577 - SSSD Error Msg Improvement: Bad address

  • #5578 - SSSD Error Msg Improvement: Invalid argument

  • #5649 - Dead twitter account

  • #5697 - sss_cache - clarify intended use and limitations

$ git shortlog --pretty=format:"%h  %s" -w0,4 2.5.1..2.5.2

Alexey Tikhonov (7):
    c6cd2fe3f  krb5_child: reduce log severity in sss_send_pac() in case PAC responder isn't running.
    0eccee188  secrets: reduce log severity in local_db_create() in case entry already exists since this is expected during normal oprations.
    0646917cd  KCM: reduce log severity in sec_get() in case entry not found
    8dba74769  DEBUG: don't reset debug_timestamps/microseconds to DEFAULT in `_sss_debug_init()`.
    71301ccf8  KCM: removed unneeded assignment
    2ebf463fc  CACHE_REQ: fixed covscan issues

Dan Lavu (2):
    9d576e47e  tests: Adding multihost test for supporting asymmetric nsupdate auth
    ff3f85705  tests: Adding tests to cover ad discovery improvements using cldap

Deepak Das (2):
    89a40e77a  SSSD Log: invalid_argument msg mod
    7646ac958  SSSD Log: log_bad_address_msg_mod

Iker Pedrosa (1):
    865330c65  cache_req: parse name to get shortname

Jakub Vavra (1):
    daad83876  Tests: Add test_innetgr_threads

Justin Stephenson (2):
    2a3fb3bdb  KCM: Unset _SSS_LOOPS
    ac0c0b000  KCM: Drop unnecessary c-ares linking

Pavel Březina (8):
    dbd50453b  Update version in version.m4 to track the next release
    4e3e87270  tests: fix pep8 issues
    a6e5d53a3  kcm: terminate client on bad message
    b85984a36  multihost: fix whitespace issues
    75c204ff1  multihost: fix pep8 issues
    f02ac230b  debug: add support for tevent chain id
    881a1a412  debug: enable chain id in backend
    57ac58092  pot: update pot files

Paweł Poławski (2):
    68ed4d4a2  README: Dead social media link remove
    17e339d58  SYSDB: Add search index "originalADgidNumber"

Shridhar Gadekar (1):
    5feeb8ac9  Test: sudo rule with runAS set to short-username value

Sofia Nieves (1):
    e373408a2  Replacing freenode with libera

Sumit Bose (6):
    b9e60ae06  man: clarify effects of sss_cache on the memory cache
    5288ddaa2  files: split update into batches
    0fbd67404  files: add new option fallback_to_nss
    dd1aa5795  files: delay refresh and not run in parallel
    19b850636  files: queue certmap requests if a refresh is running
    b4ee698ac  cache_req: do not return cached data if domain is inconsistent

Weblate (1):
    161ff0e88  po: update translations

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
    b04742485  Fix minor typos in docs