SSSD 2.8.1 Release Notes

  • A regression when running sss_cache when no SSSD domain is enabled would produce a syslog critical message was fixed.

  • #6360 - [D-Bus] ListByName() returns several times the same entry

  • #6361 - [D-Bus] ListByName() fails when not using wildcards

  • #6387 - Fatal errors in log during Anaconda installation: “CRIT sss_cache:No domains configured, fatal error!”

  • #6398 - [D-Bus] Groups.ListByName() and Groups.ListByDomainAndName() not working

$ git shortlog --pretty=format:"%h  %s" -w0,4 2.8.0..2.8.1

Alejandro López (8):
    6d7f1fba2  CACHE_REQ: Do not use timestamp optimization on "files" provider.
    129979a38  Cache: String has to be duplicated instead of copied
    1377bca97  CACHE_REQ: Initialize domain with NULL
    1562df030  CACHE_REQ: Do not return duplicated values.
    82c69b7f6  TESTS: Correct ListByAttr()'s test
    13e841de7  CACHE_REQ: Consider the domain when looking names in the cache
    7f583fad9  TESTS: New test for D-Bus' ListByName()
    0f670188c  CACHE_REQ: Use a const struct in cache_req_data_create()

Alexey Tikhonov (3):
    e6f94e252  IPA: "trusted user not found" isn't an error
    cfaa06b0e  CFG RULES: allow 'fallback_to_nss' option
    e0026e38c  SYSDB: pre-existence of MPG group in the cache isn't an error

Justin Stephenson (2):
    587fe9682  CI: Build srpm fix for illegal version tag '-'
    c61e10987  Analyzer: Optimize list verbose output

Pavel Březina (10):
    a6d521458  confdb: avoid syslog message when no domains are enabled
    1df029470  monitor: read all enabled domains in add_implicit_services
    a6312c46d  sss_cache: use ERR_NO_DOMAIN_ENABLED instead of ENOENT
    ab7cbb5f0  confdb: chande debug level when no domain are found in confdb_get_domains
    7bf97190e  ci: enable ci for sssd-2-8 branch
    40ccfd6c7  ci: switch to actions/checkout@v3
    9aee8164e  ci: use GITHUB_OUTPUT instead of set-output
    a7853d51c  ci: switch to actions/upload-artifact@v3
    59973c0b8  pot: update translations
    a18ef88ed  Release sssd-2.8.1

Shridhar Gadekar (1):
    59685cff0  Tests: GSSAPI ssh login failing due to a missing directive

aborah-sudo (1):
    62276737f  Tests: port proxy_provider/rfc2307

김인수 (1):
    cfa112948  po: update translations