SSSD 2.9.4 Release Notes

  • Fixes a crash when PAM passkey processing incorrectly handles non-passkey data.

  • A workaround was implemented to handle gracefully misbehaving applications that destroy internal state of SSSD client librarires. A particular example of such application is described in

  • An error when rotating KCM’s logs was fixed. When KCM’s logs were rotated by logrotate, KCM would still use the old file (renamed sssd_kcm.log.1). Only after KCM was restarted (either manually or automatically) the new log file would be used. This problem is now solved and KCM uses the new file immediately.

  • Fixed group membership handling when members are coming from different forest domains and using ldap token groups is prohibited.

  • Files provider was erroneously taking into consideration local_auth_policy config option, thus breaking smartcard authentication of local user in setups that didn’t explicitly specify this option. This is now fixed.

  • #5708 - SSSD incorrectly works with AD GPO during user login

  • #6790 - gpo_child process terminates with SIGSEGV.

  • #6986 - The sss_nss_mc_destroy_ctx() function will close the TCP socket of the daemon process

  • #7014 - Reduce the amount of memory allocated by KCM and avoid zeroing it when not necessary

  • #7061 - sssd_pam segfaults during password-based SSH-login

  • #7072 - sssd_kcm “leaks” around 86MiB of memory per day

  • #7084 - Invalid handling groups from child domain

  • #7094 - Incorrect IdM product name in man sssd.conf

$ git shortlog --pretty=format:"%h  %s" -w0,4 2.9.3..2.9.4

Alejandro López (9):
    469ddcbf6  LOGROTATE: logrotate should also signal sssd_kcm
    8c8323451  KCM: Replace a hard-coded constant by a macro
    855d04656  KCM: Fixed a wrong check
    14e7d7c03  KCM: Remove unused cc_be_type from struct kcm_ccdb
    3e740a256  KCM: When freeing the client, check that it is not NULL.
    a5c96e290  KCM: sss_iobuf_init_empty() shall not zero memory
    78d0a97de  KCM: Reduce the amount of memory allocated for the packages
    60fde9d55  KCM: Do not zero memory when not need.
    46f4161e8  KCM: Fix a memory "leak"

Alexey Tikhonov (9):
    f394acee8  SPEC: 'sssd-proxy' requires ''
    4b4564c38  UTIL: use proper specifier for 'DEBUG_CHAIN_ID_FMT_*'
    1e2af0d15  Don't provide 'uint64_t' as POPT_ARG_LONG.
    6959dc6aa  DP: reduce log level in case a responder asks for unknown domain
    f6faf1231  LOGS: added missing new line
    160738ee8  SSS_CLIENT: MC: in case mem-cache file validation fails,
    a186224d6  SSS_CLIENT: check if mem-cache fd was hijacked
    abb146e14  SSS_CLIENT: check if reponder socket was hijacked
    98d8bedd1  DEBUG: added missing new line

Andre Boscatto (1):
    033f3db09  man: fix wrong product name

Dan Lavu (3):
    b536e4b3b  tests: consolidation, refactoring and organizing, renaming of some tests
    cb64d47b2  tests: updating poor assertion in dyndns
    1c5a11fc2  tests: adding background refresh tests to the new framework

Iker Pedrosa (4):
    ba7b99383  CI: clean
    31617400e  CI: clean
    52acc3940  CI: clean
    776f6e198  CI: upload cwrap logs

Jakub Vavra (8):
    fd414aae8  Tests: Add a test for bz1900973 kcm delete expired tickets
    e44ad3242  Tests: Add a test for kcm log rotation SSSD-5687
    1cffe5bca  Tests: Fix tokengroups tests.
    9f406d427  Tests: Retry realm join as it is flaky on multiarch setups
    cbd479d76  Tests: Change path to keytabs to reflect whole domain in them
    0ae923834  Tests: Add importance and ticket to multihost
    854edfb00  Tests: Revert change of retun type of realm_join
    5a2256cba  Tests: Add a plugin for a per-test logging

Justin Stephenson (5):
    f4908728f  passkey: Add krb5 preauthentication prompt support
    4d01e11d4  passkey: Skip processing non-passkey mapping data
    02c183204  Passkey: Fix coverity memory overrun error
    f5e3bb391  Passkey: Fix coverity RESOURCE_LEAK
    51f90318b  Passkey: Fix valgrind error and missing free

Madhuri Upadhye (2):
    a8928a9ad  tests: add passkey tests for authentication failures
    80d5a34fe  Tests: Add passkey test cases for following scenario

Patrik Rosecky (6):
    c5d045788  Tests: converted alltests/test_default_debug_level
    2bc72a2b7  Tests: alltests/ converted to system/
    66bd91d50  Tests: alltests/ converted to system/tests/
    8a78c75ab  Tests: multihost/ converted to system/
    852b9e0c5  Tests: alltests/test_config_validation converted
    bd9cf6f4d  Tests: alltests/ converted

Pavel Březina (7):
    35bcb91b6  ad: do not print backtrace if SSSD domain name is not the same as DNS name
    eabeb3a73  ad: do not print backtrace if SOM is missing in GPO
    d02874beb  tests: adapt to new firewall API
    8bf25b6cd  scripts: sign tarball with sssd project key
    5c224730a  scripts: create checksum file for release tarball
    eecd41831  pot: update pot files
    02d3f214b  Release sssd-2.9.4

Sumit Bose (8):
    ff520020c  ci: make valgrind suppression more relaxed for test_ipa_subdomains_server
    e03921e4b  nssidmap: fix sss_nss_getgrouplist_timeout() with empty secondary group list
    9a6ff9e7b  pam: fix Smartcard auth with files provider
    be5399c15  sssctl: do not require root for user-checks
    936b82816  LDAP: make groups_by_user_send/recv public
    09dcc73ed  ad: gpo evalute host groups
    dda0f2e0b  sysdb: remove sysdb_computer.[ch]
    f5ce7c1da  sdap: add set_non_posix parameter

Tomas Halman (2):
    a33931562  Handle child-domain group membership
    05de56d0c  GPO evaluation of primary group

aborah (1):
    c054fc007  Tests: Fix ipa test for gating.