SSSD 2.6.0 Release Notes

  • Support of legacy json format for ccaches was dropped

  • Support of long time deprecated secrets responder was dropped.

  • Support of long time deprecated local provider was dropped.

  • This release drops support of --with-unicode-lib configure option. libunistring will be used unconditionally for Unicode processing.

  • This release removes pcre1 support. pcre2 is used unconditionally.

  • p11_child does not stop at the first empty slot when searching for tokens

  • A flaw was found in SSSD, where the sssctl command was vulnerable to shell command injection via the logs-fetch and cache-expire subcommands. This flaw allows an attacker to trick the root user into running a specially crafted sssctl command, such as via sudo, to gain root access. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to confidentiality, integrity, as well as system availability. This patch fixes a flaw by replacing system() with execvp().

  • Basic support of user’s ‘subuid and subgid ranges’ for IPA provider and corresponding plugin for shadow-utils were introduced. Limitations: - single subid interval pair (subuid+subgid) per user - idviews aren’t supported - only forward lookup (user -> subid ranges) Take a note, this is MVP of experimental feature. Significant changes might be required later, after initial feedback. Corresponding support in shadow-utils was merged upstream, but since there is no upstream release available yet, SSSD feature isn’t built by default. Build can be enabled with --with-subid configure option. Plugin’s install path can be configured with --with-subid-lib-path= (${libdir} by default)

  • KCM now replace the old credential with new one when storing an updated credential that is however already present in the ccache to avoid unnecessary growth of the ccache.

  • Improve mpg search filter to be more reliable with id-overrides and the new auto_private_groups options.

  • Even if the forest root is disabled for lookups all required internal data is initialized to be able to refresh the list of trusted domains in the forest from a DC of the forest root.

  • ccache files are created with the right ownership during offline Smartcard authentication

  • AD ping is now sent over ldap if cldap support is not available during build. This helps to build SSSD on distributions without cldap support in libldap.

  • CVE-2021-3621

  • New IPA provider’s option ipa_subid_ranges_search_base allows configuration of search base for user’s subid ranges. Default: cn=subids,%basedn

  • #2739 - sssd: incorrect checks on length values during packet decoding

  • #4904 - sss_cache prints spurious error messages when invoked from shadow-utils on package install

  • #5121 - timestamp cache entries are not created if missing

  • #5197 - Support subid resources in ipa provider

  • #5482 - Add support to verify authentication indicators in pam_sss_gss

  • #5514 - [RFE] SSSD logs improvements: clarify which config option applies to each timeout in the logs

  • #5596 - sss_cache: reset originalModifyTimestamp in timestamp cache as well

  • #5720 - SSSD requirement for CLDAP support in libldap should be optional

  • #5729 - kcm fails to start if /var/lib/sss/db is empty

  • #5744 - Lookup with fully-qualified name does not work with ‘cache_first = True’

  • #5767 - Drop support of glib2 for Unicode processing

  • #5768 - Drop support of obsolete PCRE1

  • #5770 - disabled root ad domain causes subdomains to be marked offline

  • #5775 - kcm: replace old credentials when storing a new one

  • #5785 - SSSD 2.4.1 - krb5_child creates ccache file owned by root when in offline mode

  • #5790 - IPA clients fail to resolve override group names.

  • #5824 - SSSD should use “hidden” temporary file in its krb locator

$ git shortlog --pretty=format:"%h  %s" -w0,4 2.5.2..2.6.0

Alexey Tikhonov (17):
    f54608822  Basics of 'subid ranges' support for IPA provider.
    365cd676c  NSS: don't treat absent 'CLEAR_MC_FLAG' as an error (This is expected in case of SIGHUP sent for log rotation.)
    7ab83f97e  TOOLS: replace system() with execvp() to avoid execution of user supplied command
    bd2ccbf69  file utils: reduce log level in remove_tree_with_ctx() Users of this function are responsible to decide if fail is critical.
    c037432c3  BUILD: get rid of PCRE support
    6acb1d635  UNICODE: drop support of glib2 for Unicode processing
    3e94b64da  Got rid of 'local' provider.
    c4c0fd690  CONF: removed unused 'sbus_timeout' option
    10069b1d3  Got rid of 'secrets' responder and it's support in KCM
    5bb5380cb  libsecrets was disbanded and merged into KCM responder as this is the only its user now.
    9466aa4d9  KCM: secrets db: got rid of legacy json format support
    f5431c3a7  KCM: secrets db: got rid of legacy encrypted payload format
    dfb97f071  crypto: removed sss_encrypt()/sss_decrypt() helpers as those aren't used anymore.
    29f8a795f  TESTS: avoid cross-test tainting of os.environ
    1e64a762f  KCM: secdb: treat secdb_get_cc() == ENOENT the same way as corresponding key_by_*() == ENOENT (mostly)
    03f6ef367  krb5_child: fixed incorrect checks on length value
    01ff8155b  MONITOR: reduce logs severity around signalling and termination of services to avoid useless in those cases backtraces

Anuj Borah (12):
    b6fe76e7e  Tests: SSSD is generating lot of LDAP queries in a very large environment Issue: Bugzilla:
    9b24b8db2  Tests: Add support to verify authentication indicators in pam_sss_gss
    85723a7b8  Tests: fix sss_cache to also reset cached timestamp
    a67d3bc80  Test: Fix RHEL9.0 Regression - alltests-tier1
    bd422ccdf  Tests: Suppress log message
    c3a8aad2b  Tests: RHEL9.0 Regression - alltests-tier1_2
    aab4fe9cf  Tests: SSSD logs improvements: clarify which config option applies to each timeout in the logs
    10d33986c  Tests: Fix RHEL8.5 failures for IDM-CI
    b22f6195c  Tests: sss_cache prints spurious error messages
    9121fbf9d  Tests: Remove shadow-utils test cases from sssd repo
    51eaed9d0  Tests: Fix Failure of sssctl_local test
    8e22258c1  Tests: support subid ranges managed by FreeIPA

Assaf Morami (1):
    b9f8c2f99  p11_child: do_card partially fix loop exit condition when searching for token

David Ward (5):
    a9218fbe0  p11_child: Restore functionality of --wait_for_card
    f3aa4b47a  p11_child: Ensure OpenSSL cleanup is performed
    3f1d03fc6  p11_child: Handle failure from p11_kit_uri_new()
    f5a9d8141  p11_child: Return updated CK_SLOT_INFO from wait_for_card()
    a036fc871  p11_child: Fix printing of non-null-terminated strings in do_card()

Jakub Jelen (1):
    dab4448de  p11_child: Add missing newline after log message

Jakub Vavra (2):
    ccebfc9cf  Tests: Add test_nss_get_by_name_with_private_group.
    a5716cd74  Tests: Add AD Parameters tests ported from bash.

Justin Stephenson (10):
    1dae17bf9  TESTS: Make test_kcm_renewals idempotent
    d41e956c6  MONITOR: Return success from genconf with no config
    9f58bef3e  CI: unset DEBUGINFOD_URLS
    4b7b6fa70  KCM: Add krb5-libs dependency in spec
    fd3e397cf  KCM: Remove unneeded allocation
    3d8dd1282  debug: Add chain ID support for journald logger
    3343b5a81  DP: Log offline warning for REQ_TRACE tracking
    26086212a  Responder: Log client uid that started a request
    82e051e1f  TOOLS: Add sss_analyze utility
    097feb329  SSSCTL: Add analyze command

Mantas Mikulėnas (1):
    1a1e914b9  NSS client: avoid using NETDB_INTERNAL if daemon is not available

Massimiliano Torromeo (1):
    57247096b  TEST: Use absolute path for the MODPATH assertions in python tests

Pavel Březina (12):
    a2fc3a3ad  Update version in version.m4 to track the next release
    a1f7035b3  remove deprecated talloc_autofree_context()
    575e1899e  fix warnings around sss_getenv()
    9e47b63e4  configure: do not unset PYTHON_PREFIX and PYTHON_EXEC_PREFIX
    b606eb62c  spec: fix invalid condition
    dfb6594e3  ad: fallback to ldap if cldap is not available in libldap
    aca2e08ba  krb5: remove unused mem_ctx from get_krb5_data_from_cred()
    55c5de2d5  kcm: replace existing credentials to avoid unnecessary ccache growth
    770c7ce9c  debug: fix unused variable warnings
    bb6d9d9cf  monitor: fix unused variable warning
    11c7f6a65  pot: update pot files
    bd71ae53f  Release sssd-2.6.0

Paweł Poławski (2):
    44525a999  General: Hardeninig getenv() usage
    c1dd12114  general: Fix compilation warnings

Sergio Durigan Junior (1):
    efd155f0a  Improve assertion when verifying paths for Python modules

Shridhar Gadekar (2):
    818e4f925  Tests: Randomize sudo refresh timeouts
    e0d85ab68  Tests: improve sssd refresh timers for sudo queries

Steeve Goveas (3):
    6f1188a06  TEST: Add id and fix indentation in docstrings
    1d4095fbb  TEST: usermod -d needs absolute path
    f0925489a  Tests: Add firewalld package install on clients

Sumit Bose (9):
    cdc75c539  tests: do not use libcheck include file in cmocka tests
    7fdff741a  test: replace deprecated libcheck macros
    26654d3e5  cache_req: cache_first fix for fully-qualified names
    ef6aa9e44  krb5: fix ccache ownership for offline Smartcard authentication
    e92988a62  debug: reduce logging of GetAccountDomain() in the frontends
    ca8b655fb  debug: suppress backtrace for backend errors
    2a617c0ef  sdap: always create sdap object for a forest root
    4be5fcd9a  sysdb: more specific mpg search filter
    794127106  krb5: use hidden file when creating config snippets

Timotej Lazar (1):
    8ed53d284  Include sys/types.h in debug.h

Weblate (3):
    861e226b5  po: update translations
    e8055b8a2  po: update translations
    629f149eb  po: update translations

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
    3e7aa1071  Fix minor typo: indicated -> indicate