SSSD 2.3.1 Release Notes

  • Domains can be now explicitly enabled or disabled using enable option in domain section. This can be especially used in configuration snippets.

  • New configuration options memcache_size_passwd, memcache_size_group, memcache_size_initgroups that can be used to control memory cache size.

  • Fixed several regressions in GPO processing introduced in sssd-2.3.0

  • Fixed regression in PAM responder: failures in cache only lookups are no longer considered fatal

  • Fixed regression in proxy provider: pwfield=x is now default value only for sssd-shadowutils target

  • libwbclient is now deprecated and is not being built by default (use --with-libwibclient to build it)

  • Added option memcache_size_passwd

  • Added option memcache_size_group

  • Added option memcache_size_initgroups

  • Added option enable in domain sections

  • Minor text improvements

  • #1024 - SSSD user/group filtering is failing after “files” provider rebuilds cache

  • #1031 - When the passwd or group files are replaced, sssd stops monitoring the file for inotify events, and no updates are triggered

  • #3728 - When sssd service fails to start due to misconfiguration, the error message would be nice in /var/log/messages as well

  • #3920 - Add multiple domains tests to responder_cache_req-tests

  • #4578 - sssctl: Add memcache diagnostic and inspection commands

  • #4667 - sssd fails to release file descriptor on child logs after receiving HUP

  • #4743 - [RFE] Add “enabled” option to domain section

  • #5075 - sssd failover leads to delayed and failed logins

  • #5103 - GPO: Incorrect processing / inheritance order of HBAC GPOs

  • #5115 - mem-cache bug: only small fraction of memory allocated is actually used

  • #5129 - id_provider = proxy proxy_lib_name = files returns * in password field, breaking PAM authentication

  • #5135 - Certificate attributes are not sanitized prior to ldap search

  • #5142 - RFE: Add option to specify alternate sssd config file location with “sssctl config-check” command.

  • #5151 - sssd is failing to discover other subdomains in the forest if LDAP entries do not contain AD forest root information

  • #5153 - Oddjob-mkhomedir fails when using NSS compat

  • #5155 - Document how to prevent invalid selinux context for default home directories in SSSD-AD direct integration.

  • #5164 - Change the message “Please enter smart card” to “Please insert smart card” on GDM login with smart-card

  • #5167 - AD: ad_access.c performs out-of memory check for wrong tevent request pointer

  • #5170 - SSSD must be able to resolve membership involving root with files provider

  • #5181 - system not enforcing GPO rule restriction. ad_gpo_implicit_deny = True is not working

  • #5183 - sssd 2.3.0 breaks AD auth due to GPO parsing failure

  • #5186 - sssd 2.3.0 buld errors due to issue with sv translation of man page

  • #5190 - GDM password prompt when cert mapped to multiple users and promptusername is False

  • #5199 - do not add fully-qualified suffix to already fully-qualified externalUser values in sudoers for IPA provider

  • #5201 - sssd-common: missing comma in file sssd_functions.stp

  • #5217 - NULL dereference in rotate_debug_files()

  • #5230 - Deprecate SSSD’s version of libwbclient

  • #5236 - sss_ssh_knownhostsproxy leads to silent failure for non-existent or non-co-operative hosts

$ git shortlog --pretty=format:"%h  %s" -w0,4 sssd-2_3_0..sssd-2_3_1

Alejandro Visiedo (2):
    66029529f  systemtap: Missing a comma
    ff8d7b8f0  config: [RFE] Add "enabled" option to domain section

Alexander Bokovoy (1):
    48f9b2cb4  ipa: Do not qualify already qualified users in sudo rules

Alexey Tikhonov (30):
    375887543  DEBUG: only open child process log files when required
    39480618a  CLIENT: fixed few CHECKED_RETURN (CWE-252) warnings
    014cbde8f  NSS: fixed FORWARD_NULL (CWE-476)
    ee16f3928  KCM: fixed NO_EFFECT (CWE-398)
    8088b3e3a  PROXY: suppress CPPCHECK_WARNING (CWE-456)
    b132fab8c  MC: fixed CPPCHECK_WARNING
    6701ad96a  CLIENT: fixed CPPCHECK_WARNING (CWE-476)
    144e78dfe  util/inotify: fixed CLANG_WARNING
    0c5711f9b  util/inotify: fixed bug in inotify event processing
    9c4d662de  TOOLS: fixed CLANG_WARNING
    e525ed6a6  TOOLS: fixed a couple of CLANG_WARNINGs
    14e5c31e5  CLIENT: fixed "Dereference of null pointer" warning
    464f809e0  RESPONDER/SUDO: fixed CLANG_WARNING
    83389697f  RESPONDER/NSS: fixed few CLANG_WARNINGs
    316c850ec  CACHE_REQ: fixed CLANG_WARNING
    64adcd410  PROVIDERS/LDAP: fixed CLANG_WARNING
    ce0699543  PROVIDERS/LDAP: fixed CLANG_WARNING
    5611d242f  PROVIDERS/IPA: fixed few CLANG_WARNINGs
    f61f972b2  DEBUG: fixed potential NULL dereference
    4fd05180b  TRANSLATIONS: updated translations to include new source file
    88e92967a  NEGCACHE: skip permanent entries in [users/groups] reset
    39e50096c  NSS: fixed UNINIT (CWE-457)
    2d90e6420  mem-cache: sizes of free and data tables were made consistent
    e12340e7d  NSS: avoid excessive log messages
    be8052bbb  NSS: enhanced debug during mem-cache initialization
    2ad4aa8f2  mem-cache: added log message in case cache is full
    b7f31936e  NSS: make memcache size configurable in megabytes
    b96b05bc4  mem-cache: comment added
    484507bf2  mem-cache: always cleanup old content
    3e7633bf0  Updated translation files: Japanese, Chinese (China), French

David Ward (1):
    230a5068d  failover: fix documentation of default timeouts

Lukas Slebodnik (2):
    79e01fc95 Do not use letter similar to numbers
    4c4b62b41  INTG: Do not use letter similar to numbers in python code

Michal Židek (1):
    80e7163b7  NSS: make memcache size configurable

Niranjan M.R (1):
    b52c4c954  pytest/testlib: Remove explcit encryption types from kdc.conf

Pavel Březina (12):
    169ddae34  Update version in version.m4 to track the next release.
    532b75c93  test: avoid endian issues in network tests
    c226703fb  Provide new link for documentation: change to
    a08d4741c  pam_sss: fix missing initializer
    8969c43dc  files: allow root membership
    ffb9ad133  proxy: use 'x' as default pwfield only for sssd-shadowutils target
    f28eedc16  monitor: log to syslog when service fails to start
    cea0db2d6  po: fix sv translation
    0609d0f76  sss_ssh_knownhostsproxy: print error when unable to connect
    3be349b96  sss_ssh_knownhostsproxy: print error when unable to proxy data
    d999cbf46  Update the translations for the 2.3.1 release
    7e004b7c5  tests: discard const in test_confdb_get_enabled_domain_list

Paweł Poławski (1):
    a06bf7885  AD: Enforcing GPO rule restriction on user

Sumit Bose (19):
    aac4dbb17  NSS client: preserve errno during _nss_sss_end* calls
    3ea6e61cd  ad: remove unused libsbmclient form
    26c794da3  pam_sss: add SERVICE_IS_GDM_SMARTCARD
    3ed254765  pam_sss: special handling for gdm-smartcard
    a7c755672  ad_gpo_ndr.c: more ndr updates
    dce025b88  GPO: fix link order in a SOM
    8ca799ea9  sysdb: make sysdb_update_subdomains() more robust
    d3089173d  ad: rename ad_master_domain_\* to ad_domain_info_\*
    9aa26f651  sysdb: make new_subdomain() public
    2bad4d4b2  ad: rename ads_get_root_id_ctx() to ads_get_dom_id_ctx
    8c642a542  ad: remove unused trust_type from ad_subdom_store()
    3ae3286d6  ad: add ad_check_domain_{send|recv}
    e25e1e922  ad: check forest root directly if not present on local DC
    e58853f9c  DEBUG: use new exec_child(_ex) interface in tests
    df632eec4  ipa: add failover to subdomain override lookups
    31e574325  pam_sss: make sure old certificate data is removed before retry
    100839b64  PAM: do not treat error for cache-only lookups as fatal
    41a60c626  libwbclient-sssd: deprecate libwbclient-sssd
    a2b9a8446  certmap: sanitize LDAP search filter

Thomas Reim (1):
    391b9c5e9  Minor fix in ad_access.c out of memory check

Tomas Halman (3):
    61f4aaa56  sssctl: sssctl config-check alternative config file
    d8d743870  man: Document invalid selinux context for homedirs
    72b8e02c7  sssctl: sssctl config-check alternative snippet dir

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
    f47ad87a8  general: fix minor typos

ikerexxe (7):
    ceebe02ec  db/sysdb.c: remove unused variable
    437778b53  data_provider/dp_target_id: remove store statement from a never read variable
    54b1c19b6  p11_child/p11_child_common: remove store statement from a never read variable
    0cebd0f9e  autofs_test_client and sss_tools: remove store statements from never read variables
    5d9e2328c  responder/common/responder_packet: get packet length only once
    b92050261  Test: Add users_by_filter_multiple_domains_valid
    0cd3f5c0b  Test: Add groups_by_filter_multiple_domains_valid

vinay mishra (1):
    02fbf47a8  Replaced 'enter' with 'insert'