SSSD 2.7.4 Release Notes

    • Lock-free client support will be only built if libc provides pthread_key_create() and pthread_once(). For glibc this means version 2.34+

  • #6298 - sssctl analyze –logdir option requires sssd to be running

  • #6307 - Incorrect request ID tracking from responder to backend

$ git shortlog --pretty=format:"%h  %s" -w0,4 2.7.3..2.7.4

Alejandro López (1):
    7f5adf718  Tests: Minor improvement to the Multihost RST files

Alexey Tikhonov (5):
    03142f8de  CLIENT:MC: store context mutex outside of context as it should survive context destruction / re-initialization
    4e9e83210  Makefile: remove unneeded dependency
    0eae08620  CLIENT:MC: -1 is more appropriate initial value for fd
    d386e94ef  CLIENT:MC: pointer to the context mutex shouldn't be touched
    1b2e4760c  CLIENT: fix client fd leak

Anuj Borah (3):
    d928192e0  Tests: avoid interlocking among threads that use `libsss_nss_idmap` API
    e56ca5402  Tests: Fix test_avoid_interlocking_among_threads
    173e67553  Tests: Fix test cases for signoff CI

Jakub Vavra (16):
    0f0fd4d50  Tests: Add oddjob fixture to enable working homes in basic tests.
    863cfda6c  Tests: Update auth_from_client to allow both short and full user names.
    705f01ffb  Tests: remove python paramiko library from tests.
    26521890f  Tests: Remove SSHClient from ipa/
    6dde7e62f  Tests: Remove paramiko/SSHClient from
    c6c0186e1  Tests: Code review fixes for paramiko removal.
    4cc8d794a  Tests: Add pexpect to requirements.
    98dd014c3  Tests: Fix issue in the test test_0002_ad_parameters_junk_domain.
    38a2423dc  Tests: Rewrite autofs_ad_schema from direct ldap access to powershell.
    b2f5f373f  Tests: Modify sambaTools to lazy initialize ldap AD connection.
    576e15e39  Tests: Add a fixture add_etc_host_records for Testcifs to solve name resolution issue.
    b4eef0543  Tests: Re-implement reset_machine_password using powershell instead of direct ldap access.
    06c9230e8  Tests: Update failure message for nismap manipulation.
    4b82be81b  Tests: Fix rid computation for windows 2012.
    2328fc769  Tests: Extend info functions to handle line breaks.
    1da8c80be  Tests: Modify ad schema tests for compatibility with windows 2012.

Justin Stephenson (7):
    f90205831  Analyzer: Fix escaping raw fstring
    49eb87184  CACHE_REQ: Fix hybrid lookup log spamming
    4a46d62cc  Fix new pycodestyle E275 requirement
    f8704cc24  SSSCTL: Allow analyzer to work without SSSD setup
    6c6b09692  CI: pycodestyle fixes evident on centos8 stream
    e6d450d4f  RESPONDER: Fix client ID tracking
    d22ea2df6  Analyzer: support parallel requests parsing

Madhuri Upadhye (2):
    c90a1f61c  common: Install krb5-pkinit package
    6ac200c80  Tests: alltests/ Port the failing test cases in pytest

Pavel Březina (5):
    582e66c1c  tests: fix missing new line at the eof: src/tests/multihost/requirements.txt
    610b47110  ci: fix syntax error in copr build
    9ca7d6bab  ci: fix copr builds
    c8b2a764f  pot: update translations
    fd06791ee  Release sssd-2.7.4

Steeve Goveas (2):
    1944b18c5  TEST: Modify test to compare backtrace for same error
    7985fc3ba  update the sequence number of tests

Weblate (1):
    3abcd18d1  po: update translations