SSSD 2.9.5 Release Notes

  • Moderate. CVE-2023-3758. Fixed a race condition flaw in GPO policy application. GHSA-7pwr-cfrc-px4f

  • Added failover_primary_timout configuration option. This can be used to configure how often SSSD tries to reconnect to a primary server after a successful connection to a backup server. This was previously hardcoded to 31 seconds which is kept as the default value.

  • #5708 - SSSD incorrectly works with AD GPO during user login

  • #7109 - gdm smartcard login fails with “system error 4” in case of multiple identities

  • #7136 - Improve documentation for allowing e-mail address as username

  • #7152 - passkey cannot fall back to password

  • #7173 - AD users are unable to log in due to case sensitivity of user because the domain is found as an alias to the email address.

  • #7189 - socket leak

  • #7197 - Errors in krb5_child.log every time a user authenticates - Pre-authentication failed: No pkinit_anchors supplied

  • #7250 - SSSD is not fully registering the domains if the cache is empty

  • #7319 - PAC and PAM responders can crash if backend takes too long time to process getDomains()

  • #7375 - [RFE] Add option to configure timeout to reconnect to primary servers

$ git shortlog --pretty=format:"%h  %s" -w0,4 2.9.4..2.9.5

Abhijit Roy (2):
    c1ba9da77  sssctl: Adding options for nss
    c04165764  sdap_idmap: Enabling further debugging for to understand the underlying reason for Could not convert objectSID.

Alexey Tikhonov (6):
    e3d0f0d7e  IFP: don't trigger backtrace in case of ACL check fail
    182b6c621  UTILS: inotify: avoid potential NULL deref
    ea2d0aab3  INTG-TESTS: backport `sync_files_provider()` from b9c1d7d667d49080c27641fb4a800bd4c2612d43
    8dcf23f21  DEBUG: reduce log level in case a responder asks for unknown domain
    06e10708d  CI: remove unused stuff (lcov, ...)
    b0fda92e7  RESPONDER: use proper context for getDomains()

Andre Boscatto (2):
    33bb96fee  man: improving documentation about username and email
    dd0f63246  sssd: adding mail as case insensitive

Andreas Hasenack (1):
    ed4c9b00a  Fix format string used for time values

Andreas Schneider (1):
    bca6c4eff  ad_gpo_child: Improve libsmbclient code

Dan Lavu (4):
    55e641fbb  tests: adding testcase for gh7174 email case insensitivity
    829e868f9  tests: fixing typo in
    7c57e0f09  tests: audit and rename test cases
    7d260f7d9  tests: adding gpo system tests

Denis Zlobin (1):
    f3d96061e  sbus: Fix codegen template for async client

Günther Deschner (1):
    343ff2def  Fix the build with Samba 4.20

Iker Pedrosa (1):
    10c49b1a5  man: fix default value for pam_passkey_auth

Jakub Jelen (1):
    70be3583c  doc: Fix configuration option pam_p11_allowed_services type

Jakub Vavra (14):
    9490f2565  Tests: Add single retry for realm leave
    33cce2910  Tests: Set ciphers for kerberos
    ae2f5e91f  Tests: Add pytest.ini with marker converted to basic suite
    28c41415a  Tests: Fix OsError in test_kcm_debug_level_set
    39ea88c2b  CI: Add sssd testlib to pythonpath for prci multihost
    e1bc03b14  Tests: Tweak per-test log to de-duplicate output
    dd921afa5  Tests: Per-test logging: Fix exception on missing call phase.
    fa7536d18  Tests: Add oddjob package to master for multihost/alltests
    a61cc9c99  Tests: Fix ipa/ for fedora.
    afe7d8d86  Tests: Fix hostmap tests not to depend on user-nsswitch.conf
    c6dda0ef5  Tests: refactor sssd.conf backup and restore
    9e62e660e  Tests: Fix test_kcm_ssh_login_creates_kerberos_ticket
    b87fe4fb5  Tests: Move polarion.yaml to src/tests/
    c8f783999  Tests: Update reference to polarion.yaml

Jakub Vávra (9):
    d55bc6f24  Tests: Split package installation transactions and add error logging.
    540bf3932  Tests: Update expect as passwd password change message changed.
    80f87d17c  Tests: Add extra debug to test_0003_gssapi_ssh.
    cc52f6f3c  Tests: Switch test_0001_memcache_sid to reuse adjoin code.
    d17f7ffd8  Tests: Add journalctl when systemctl sssd fails.
    87e3edf22  Tests: Update ad parameters ported for non-root.
    0911ffcd2  Tests: Add extra sssd restart on master for samba tests.
    0deb3f62c  Tests: Add fixing sssd.conf ownership after realm join.
    6afc435ed  Tests: Fix PEP8 on updated AD suites.

Justin Stephenson (7):
    1c3664d3f  Tests: Python black formatting fixes
    23849f751  krb5: Allow fallback between responder questions
    8d9ae754b  krb5: Add fallback password change support
    6d6bc3c49  krb5: Move soft_terminate_krb5_child to static
    f36ecd2c2  man: Add local_auth_policy table
    b363fa860  passkey: Return error during passkey processing
    f0fba6cd2  passkey: Improve passkey mapping handling

Madhuri Upadhye (3):
    57a8fffa4  Tests: alltests/test_krb5: Replace files provider
    c9977cafa  Tests: passkey: Add a ssh key as a passkey mapping
    83e2e6be3  Test: Update tc when mapping and key are added

Patrik Rosecky (1):
    566ebfbb0  tests: multihost/basic/test_kcm converted

Pavel Březina (8):
    181503747  krb5_child: fix order of calloc arguments
    ee06f2fe6  tests: fix isort, black and mypy errors
    bebb15072  pam: fix invalid #if condition
    786a4ebf0  tests: fix isort issue
    16e4b5d44  tests: use different home dir then /tmp for local user
    14f32f681  failover: add failover_primary_timeout option
    a2fbe0449  tests: remove passkey_requires_root from passkey tests
    595c4c6d2  Release sssd-2.9.5

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (1):
    a453f9625  tests: Drop -extensions from openssl command if there is no -x509

Sumit Bose (15):
    50077c325  pam: fix SC auth with multiple certs and missing login name
    a7621a5b4  sdap: add search_bases option to groups_by_user_send()
    6a8e60df8  sdap: add naming_context as new member of struct sdap_domain
    8bf319242  sss-client: handle key value in destructor
    31ee5eccd  krb5: lower log level in sss_krb5_get_init_creds_password()
    923cb398d  krb5: increase log level in map_krb5_error()
    5b9bc0a1a  krb5: add OTP to krb5 response selection
    c3725a13e  krb5: make sure answer_pkinit() use matching debug messages
    87b54bd84  krb5: make prompter and pre-auth debug message less irritating
    d06b4a3ed  pam_sss: prefer Smartcard authentication
    b6eae6f05  pam: fix storing auth types for offline auth
    5a1e1526e  test: set 'local_auth_policy = only' for all passkey test
    e1bfbc249  ad-gpo: use hash to store intermediate results
    db27a51f2  ad: refresh root domain when read directly
    a2bd43441  oidc_child: fix wrong usage of '%*s'

Tomasz Kłoczko (1):
    37025a19a  Bump DocBook DTD version to latest stable 4.5

Weblate (1):
    26c9dc6f3  po: update translations

dependabot[bot] (4):
    bfcb27275  build(deps): bump actions/download-artifact from 3 to 4
    32390d0bd  build(deps): bump github/codeql-action from 2 to 3
    aa63f7777  build(deps): bump actions/upload-artifact from 3 to 4
    87a46c32d  build(deps): bump DamianReeves/write-file-action from 1.2 to 1.3

lisa (1):
    2422af6cb  Convert multihost/ad/test_idmap to test_identity

shridhargadekar (3):
    b1e8c210c  Test: Dropping the assertion of ssh from analyzer list
    631c599b5  Tests: sssctl_analyze diff location
    925cb2a9d  Tests: sudo defaults rule